Virgo (August 22 – September 22)


Element – Earth
Sign Type – Dual
Ruling Planet – Mercury
Strongest virtues – mental agility, analytical skills, ability to pay attention to detail, healing powers
Deepest needs – to be useful and productive
Characteristics to avoid – destructive criticism
Signs of greatest overall compatibility – Taurus, Capricorn
Signs of greatest overall incompatibility – Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces
Best day of the week – Wednesday

Weekly Tarotscopes – Oct 30 – Nov 5

Tarot card: Three of Coins
The card suggests building a healthy, supportive, and beneficial network of people around you. You should surround yourself with good people who have your best interests at heart and who can help you achieve your goals. It’s not about being a taker because you give so much already, Virgo. This is more about adjusting your relationship landscape to make it more positive, bright, and vibrant. You should get rid of any toxicity, dead weight, shadow, or shade. Focus first on work, then on friendship, and then on community. Bring in the new and leave behind the negative. Revamp the old and make it new again.

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