Wish Fulfillment Yagya


This Vedic Yagya (or Yagna) is the fastest and easiest remedy to resolve any problem coming into your life. It delivers quick results, grant wishes, and is an exceptional remedy to get rid of the problems coming due to a specific position or transit of a specific planet in a horoscope.

How It Is Performed:
This Yagya will be performed by the team of learned Pandits in our office. You can watch the Yagya online or get a recording of it to watch it later. The Wish Fulfilment Yagya is based on chanting Beej Mantra 1100 times of the concerned planet. A separate offline Mantra Jaap will be done on daily basis for the next 15 days to strengthen that planet and resolve issues in your life. The Yagya and Mantra Jaap Rituals help in fixing negative situations that are source of anger, agony, pain and suffering in your life.

How It Works:
E.g. If you’re suffering due to a bad placement of Mars or Mars is transiting from a difficult house in your horoscope/kundli, the Wish Fulfilment Yagna and Mantra Jaap will be performed to calm and control the negative effects, and boost the positive results of Mars.

Please Note:

  • Once the order has been placed, we will contact you to get your details, schedule an appointment for the consultation, and give you the Yagya timings & details.
  • If you live out of India, contact us before making the online payment. We will provide you with the account details to make a direct deposit or transfer.
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