What is Occult?

The Occult is a mysterious and fascinating subject to many people, as it is shrouded in secrecy and mysticism. It simply refers to any knowledge that is not known to the general public or kept a Secret from the masses. 

The Occult is derived from the Latin word ‘Occultus‘, which means ‘clandestine, hidden, secret’. It generally refers to knowledge of the supernatural, esoteric and mystical practices. It includes topics such as astrology, tarot, numerology, knowledge of the universal laws, magic, tantra and mantra. While some of these practices are seen as superstitious or even dangerous, the Occult also includes more scientific and philosophical topics. Some Occult practices are used to gain insights into the future, while others are used to gain a deeper understanding of the world and its spiritual aspects. Many Occultists believe in the power of magic and the supernatural, as well as the ability to manipulate and control the world around them. Some even believe in the power of curses and hexes, though this is a controversial topic among Occultists.

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